Business owners wear many hats to keep things running. It’s easy to get bogged down with the small stuff when we should be working on the big picture.

Changing light bulbs in your business, for example, seems simple enough right? Except the ladder’s never handy, the right kind of light bulb is never on hand, and who has the time? What should take five minutes ends up taking almost an hour. Add that up over the course of year. If you change just one light bulb each month, you’ve lost at least a whole workday’s worth of productivity.

Arnold Electric can take care of all of your facilities’ electrical needs, right down to light bulb replacement. We even warranty the light bulbs that we provide and install for you. Any bulb that burns out within a five-year period is covered!

Arnold Electric serves all kinds of companies—daycare facilities, warehouses, commercial office buildings, libraries, restaurants, and more. We manage those pesky light bulb changes, but we also cover cost-saving LED retrofits and even preventative maintenance of critical electrical equipment. You’ll never have to worry about any of your equipment’s electrical service, from motors, starters, lighting contactors, switch gear distribution centers, or even breaker panels.

We offer monthly or quarterly programs based on needs and wants. Our service programs are custom-tailored to the different sizes and needs of our clients’ businesses. Take the control back of your business and leave the power to us!