Does this sound like you?

  • “How many times do I need to ask you to change that burned-out light bulb?”
  • “The lights work in this room but the outlets don’t.”
  • “These lights are always flickering.”
  • “What’s that crackling sound?”
  • “Every time I turn the breaker on, it flips right back.”
  • “Do you smell burning plastic?”

This is no way to live, and trust us—we’ve heard them all. And none of these happen when it’s convenient, either. Don’t worry. We can help you fix all of your electrical issues and take these statements and questions out of your vocabulary.

Electrical circuit repairs may seem complex, but the right electrician with the right tools and technology can fix any issue, from the nagging to the truly serious. We get that there are real emotional concerns about getting these projects taken care of, so we are here to take the stress and anxiety about electrical problems resolved.

We know the questions on your mind, too, like, “How much is it going to cost?” and, “Can we actually fix this?” The answers are Yes and Yes. We can solve any electrical repair problems for you, and rest assured that you will know exactly what will cost upfront. Our flat-rate pricing is straightforward and agreed upon before we ever begin.

Arnold Electric technicians are experts who systematically diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair it all, from loose wire nuts in ceiling fixtures to broken wires within pipes behind walls. Call us to resolve the electrical issue you’re facing today.