Does the paint job you just finished transform your room… but not the way you thought it would?

Do you wish that tough-to-light areas in your home could be illuminated without space-hogging lamps?

Do you have some beautiful art work you want to highlight but have no idea where to start?

Arnold Electric can help you sort through all of your lighting needs, from LED options, to recessed lighting, to under-cabinet lighting.

We can start with the basics:

  • Swapping out and installing new fixtures in place of old ones is a great way to make that new paint job pop.
  • Recessed lighting is great for a lot of applications. We install canned lights in kitchens all the time. It makes entertaining and cooking more enjoyable than ever before.
  • Here’s another great tip: Under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen takes countertop prep work to a whole new level—seriously! It’s also great behind backsplashes—it truly makes them pop, especially once the cooking and cleaning are done and all of the other lights are turned down low.

We also get questions about LED lighting all the time. Trust us—it’s here to stay, and it’s evolving all the time. LED lighting can be installed and used in virtually any bulb-type situation such as in recessed can lighting, landscaping, under cabinets, in closets, and in displays. The biggest myth out there is that LED lighting is blue-white and very sterile looking. The truth is that there are many different colors of LED lighting available, from warm white to bright white.

Let the professionals at Arnold Electric guide you to the lighting installations that are ideally suited to your wants and needs.