Recessed Lighting

Chicago Electrical Contractors

Do you have ceiling envy? Have you ever said, “You know, recessed lighting would look pretty great at my home.”? Stop wondering and call Arnold Electric.

Can lights are a great way to change the feeling of a room or the entire house. They’re really desirable among home buyers, too—they add a lot of value to your home. It’s usually the best choice in larger rooms where lamps would be insufficient, awkward, and inappropriate.

There are plenty of different recessed can light installation options to choose from, both for new construction and remodeling uses. There are many diameters to consider, different types of finish rings, and don’t forget to think about using LED fixtures, too! Let Arnold Electric help you maximize your investment and ensure you get the style of recessed lighting you desire.

And for those of you who already have recessed can lighting installed, call on Arnold Electric to keep its service up-to-date. If your lights flickering, or if you seem to have lights burn out faster than they should, you might have a wiring or a grounding issue. We troubleshoot recessed lighting nuisances all the time and can solve all your problems for you.

And don’t forget… our five-year parts warranty covers light bulbs too! So whether it is new recessed can lighting or service you need, trust the professionals at Arnold Electric Services, Inc.