Zinsco, Push-O-Matic, Bulldog, Panasonic, Federal Pacific. These are the names of electrical panel manufacturers of yesteryear. None of them are in business today. When a home inspector sees this name on a panel in a home, it’s a red flag. The report will say that the panel needs “further evaluation by a licensed electrician” because they’re surely outdated and beyond their safe working life expectancy.

In rare situations, panel repairs are an option, but outdated and obsolete equipment really needs to be replaced. This is the kind of project you want to do before it becomes an emergency. Don’t get caught in the dark!

Also, did you know that you can add whole house surge protection to any of Arnold Electric’s new electrical panels? This eliminates the need to have all of those unsightly, clunky surge strips from your home.

Arnold Electric can guide you to the best solution to protect the nervous system of your #1 investment. We are here to keep your family safe and your home running at maximum efficiency.