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Does this sound like you?

  • “How many times do I need to ask you to change that burned-out light bulb?”
  • “The lights work in this room but the outlets don’t.”
  • “These lights are always flickering.”
  • “What’s that crackling sound?”
  • “Every time I turn the breaker on, it flips right back.”
  • “Do you smell burning plastic?”

This is no way to live, and trust us—we’ve heard them all. And none of these happen when it’s convenient, either. Don’t worry. We can help you fix all of your electrical issues and take these statements and questions out of your vocabulary.

Electrical circuit repairs may seem complex, but the right electrician with the right tools and technology can fix any issue, from the nagging to the truly serious. We get that there are real emotional concerns about getting these projects taken care of, so we are here to take the stress and anxiety about electrical problems resolved.

We know the questions on your mind, too, like, “How much is it going to cost?” and, “Can we actually fix this?” The answers are Yes and Yes. We can solve any electrical repair problems for you, and rest assured that you will know exactly what will cost upfront. Our flat-rate pricing is straightforward and agreed upon before we ever begin.

Arnold Electric technicians are experts who systematically diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair it all, from loose wire nuts in ceiling fixtures to broken wires within pipes behind walls. Call us to resolve the electrical issue you’re facing today.

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Signs You Might Need A Rewire

We specialize in maintaining and repairing existing electrical systems in a home or business.
Here are some common problems that can lead to safety concerns.

  • Flickering Lights
  • Tripping Breakers
  • Blown Fuse
  • Cords Falling Out of Outlets
  • Mystery Switch
  • Ceiling Fans, Even in High Ceilings
  • Smoke Detectors
  • LED Lighting
  • USB Charging Outlets
  • Chandeliers, Even in High Ceilings)
  • Security Lighting
  • Smart Switches/Internet/App Controlled Switches
  • Flat TV outlets and installs

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About Our Pricing

Our estimates are individualized for each customer. We schedule an appointment and offer a free estimate. All final estimates follow a full site review, walk-through or blueprint review — with the exception of service work. As long as general pricing is understood and agreed upon we can set a good time to start working. Email estimates for pending real estate transactions (attorney review) will carry a small charge that will be rebated should you move forward with the work. All emergency calls and service work is performed on a flat rate. Pro Plus Members receive a discount.

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Learn How You Can Get A Free Electrical Inspection

Jack is not the typical Chicago electrician. He was patient and answered all my questions. His electrical knowledge was helpful in diagnosing real problems the electric services. Everything is okay for now, and we plan on doing a complete remodel soon. 

Brian Kasallis

Jack’s team came in and did a complete home inspection and repaired a light above my wife’s sink. My marriage has been saved now that the light is fixed. Very fair pricing and excellent work!

Douglas Sheehan

Helpful and will get back you in a timely manner. They may not be the cheapest but they know their stuff and are willing to work with you and that is more important than price

Joshua Cruz

Very easy to work with, excellent work on jobs big (new underground line to detached garage) and small (changing interior fixture

Lauren Harms