Are you remodeling your kitchen? Did you know you need breakers that can handle anywhere between seven and twenty amps, even in a small kitchen space? Here’s another question: Does your current electrical panel have room to accommodate those new breakers?Tripping breakers is never fun, but it’s especially annoying, disruptive, and embarrassing when it happens in the kitchen—the heart of your home. Your circuit breaker panel is the only thing that stands between you and having your dinner party being thrown into darkness. Don’t be the victim of your overloaded breaker panel.

It’s essential to think about panel upgrades during any home renovation. It’s also an important consideration if you plan to install anything in your home that demands significant electricity, like an electric car or an entertainment center.

Here’s another consideration: If you are selling your home, have the panel inspected before your home inspector sees it. It’s possible that it’s been “upgraded” over the years by DIY’ers that have left it out-of-code. We can save you from costly delays by bringing your panel up to code before the home inspector demands it.

Are you at risk of tripping your panel? To know for sure, you need to do a little math. Arnold Electric can assist with a whole home electric calculation. We’ll figure out if your breaker panel is installed properly and sized appropriately, ensuring that you and your loved ones (and your #1 investment) are safe.