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A rusted panel or meter could be something visible on the exterior of the panel or It could also and only be visible on the interior of the panel. Arnold Electric can identify this for you. One of our licensed Chicago electricians will be able to suggest an appropriate solution. Rust can cause a lot of damage to an electrical piece of equipment. A service upgrade, meter or panel change or maybe just a panel change should be considered when rust is present. When electrical components get rusty the rust acts as a catalyst that deteriorates the integrity of all the components in the panel. The rust affects the metal parts that conduct electricity and causes a disruption in the flow of electricity and causes a fire from a poor connection. The screws in a panel will even start to rust and then seize often times not allowing service of the most basic parts of a panel but only replacement. The wire that is exposed out from under the insulation (that attaches to the meter or the breaker for example) will start to patina from moisture and rust and will cause safety issues because of poor connectivity. There are methods to prevent rust and moisture build up in a new installation. Arnold Electric Services, Inc. recommends an annual safety inspection by one of our licensed technicians after new installations to keep up on this moving forward.

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Signs You Might Need A Rewire

We specialize in maintaining and repairing existing electrical systems in a home or business.
Here are some common problems that can lead to safety concerns.

  • Flickering Lights
  • Tripping Breakers
  • Blown Fuse
  • Cords Falling Out of Outlets
  • Mystery Switch
  • Ceiling Fans, Even in High Ceilings
  • Smoke Detectors
  • LED Lighting
  • USB Charging Outlets
  • Chandeliers, Even in High Ceilings)
  • Security Lighting
  • Smart Switches/Internet/App Controlled Switches
  • Flat TV outlets and installs

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Our estimates are individualized for each customer. We schedule an appointment and offer a free estimate. All final estimates follow a full site review, walk-through or blueprint review — with the exception of service work. As long as general pricing is understood and agreed upon we can set a good time to start working. Email estimates for pending real estate transactions (attorney review) will carry a small charge that will be rebated should you move forward with the work. All emergency calls and service work is performed on a flat rate. Pro Plus Members receive a discount.

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